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Bike Lanes on Bloor! - Sign the on-line petition

Bells on Bloor and Take the Tooker have teamed up to launch an on-line petition to City Council calling for a bike lane on Bloor Street.

To sign the petition click here

Annette Bike Lanes - Get involved

Discussions continue, and the local community is getting into the mix
urging the City not to alter plans for a bike lane on Annette Street
this summer. After opposition from some local businesses at the April
17th public meeting, the City is now looking to divert the bike lane
off of Annette in parts of Ward 13.

To learn more about World19 - the local group organizing residents in the area - and find out how you can help click here.

Annette Bike Lane - The City needs to hear from you

As reported in TCAT News,
the City is considering installing a bike lane on Annette Street
between Jane and Dundas, and held a public meeting on April 17th to
discuss the plan with the community. Reports from our supporters
suggest that few cyclists attended this meeting, and the majority of
attendees were in opposition to the bike lane.

Bikes & Bells - Two fun events coming up in May

Help kick-off Bike Month by coming out to the Bells on Bloor ride -
last year's event was a great success - and a Guinness record attempt
for bike bell ringing.

From the May edition of the City's Cyclometer:

Bikes at Public Works and Infrastructure Committee - Three items at this weeks meeting, May 7

This week's meeting of the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee will review three separate items related to cycling in Toronto - the first two are recommendations coming up from the Toronto Cycling Advisory Committee. The items are:

15.6 Winter Snow Removal on Bike Lanes

Annette Street Bike Lanes - Public Meeting, April 17

As reported in the March 17th TCAT News e-Bulletin, there are bike lanes proposed, as part of the Bikeway Network, for Annette Street in Etobicoke. From this month's Cyclometer:

Jarvis Streetscape Improvement - Bike lane update

Following a large volume of communication from the cycling community to the City's consultation team working on the Jarvis Streetscape Improvement Environmental Assessment,
the City has responded. It appears that the City has taken a position
whereby pedestrian and cyclist needs cannot be fully met - a compromise
is needed. The following is an update from the City's public
consultation coordinator working on the project.

Chicago Takes a Stand Against Dooring and other dangerous traffic offences - New ordinance passed

Thanks to some work by the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation, Chicago now has an answer to a few big problems we all face on busy roads. Torontonians are no strangers to dooring, cars parked in bike lanes and other traffic offenses that endanger cyclists.

Jarvis Street Streetscape Improvement EA - Let the City know you want bike lanes

As reported in last week's TCAT News e-Bulletin, the City is embarking on an environmental assessment to improve the streetscape along Jarvis Street, beginning with a public meeting last Wednesday evening.

News from some TCAT supporters who attended the event reported that the vision does not currently include a bike lane. This came in from one TCAT supporter who asked that we share this message.

Annette Street repaving - Another bike lane coming to Etobicoke

Thanks to a tip from a certain TCAT supporter for alerting us to this news item. For the full story, see the Villager article Annette Street set for resurfacing.

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