Six Points Interchange Reconfiguration - EA goes to committee on November 29th

The City's Transportation Services and City Planning divisions have completed the Six Points Interchange Reconfiguration Class Environmental Assessment (EA) Study. The technically preferred design alternative is the Fully At-Grade Dundas Street Loop. The preferred design alternative includes the following features:

  • Removal of the existing interchange structures to create
    at-grade intersections between Kipling Avenue, Bloor Street West and
    Dundas Street West;
  • A widening of Kipling Avenue to provide
    turning lanes at the new intersections, in addition to the existing 4
    through lanes, from just south of Viking Lane to approximately 165 m
    north of Bloor Street, within a 42 m right-of-way;
  • A 6-lane
    cross-section with exclusive left turn lanes at the appropriate
    intersections on a new Dundas Street West alignment through the
    Westwood Theatre Lands matching the existing Dundas Street
    cross-section west of Kipling Avenue to Bloor Street, within a 42 m
  • Bloor Street West is directly connected east
    and west of Kipling Avenue via a new roadway with 4 through lanes, a
    1.8 m bike lane in each direction, and the potential for on-street
    parking, within a 42 m right-of-way;
  • A 4-lane cross-section on Dunbloor Road, within a 26 m right-of-way; and
  • A new 2-lane roadway connection from St. Albans Road through the Westwood Theatre Lands to Dundas Street.

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The City's Planning and Growth Management Committee will be reviewing this report on Thursday, November 29, 2007 at 9:30 am in Committee Room 1 at City Hall.

To make a deputation contact Merle MacDonald at 416-392-7340 or by 12:00 noon on Wednesday, November 28, 2007.