Complete Streets by Design: Toronto streets redesigned for all ages and abilities

With funding from the Toronto Community Foundation, TCAT produced Complete Streets by Design: Toronto streets redesigned for all ages and abilities to show how six Toronto streets could look and feel redesigned as Complete Streets.

Applying established design principles to urban and suburban Toronto streets moves the concept of safe and comfortable streets for all road users from an abstract goal to imaginable reality. By providing visually compelling before and after street sections and photo collages, this tool is intended to be useful for professionals and the general public alike as well as generate conversation about Complete Streets in Toronto.

The first version of this resource was released in March 2012 and updated in June 2012. The revised version includes corrections to some of the roadway dimensions and improvements to the design of the planted median in the Eglinton street section.

Clarification about the process and intent of this resource:
The designs are intended to illustrate context-sensitive options for increasing the safety and comfort of all road users on six typical street types in Toronto. All road dimensions have been estimated from a combination of available documents and aerial photography. Complete Streets by Design was a creative design exercise to illustrate possibilities and provide fodder for citizens to imagine how our streets could be different. While TCAT believes these designs are practical and doable, they have not been subjected to a community public consultation process or approved by City Council, both of which would be required to move this from a creative exercise to on-the-street implementation.

The redesigned street sections are available online on the Complete Streets for Canada website and two versions are available for download: side-by-side spread or single-sheet

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